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Attractive vegetable vegan nuggets with a rich flavor of a delicious combination of whole, frozen vegetables. Peas, carrots, corn, green beans, red and green peppers combined with the pungent aroma of fresh onion and altogether under a crispy white crust!
A product that never goes unnoticed on the table, especially by the kids! It is suitable for a vegan diet or for those who simply choose to enjoy delicious, fast and light food. With a 76% raw vegetable content and a short preparation time (4 minutes frying), it is a delicious and easy meal with lots of beneficial nutrients.

Product advantages The secret to our special taste is the high quantity of raw, fresh vegetables: 76% the largest in the market. Vegetables which has been frozen within a few hours after harvested in the field. Thus, we manage to maintain the fresh taste and their nutrients until consumed. This unique elegance is covered with the delicacies of a white, crispy, breadcrumb.
The playful shape of the vegetable vegan nuggets makes it very attractive to children, putting a festive touch to the everyday table!

Price & Quality
We are firmly committed to a fair price/quality relation and offer the consumer an affordable, high nutritional value product. We make a delicious vegetable vegan product with the most stringent specifications, under repeated, strict controls throughout their manufacturing process, managing to combine great taste with a highly competitive price.

Method of preparation
Preparation: no defrosting
PARNASSOS vegetable vegan nuggets are easy and quick to cook. You can fry them for a few minutes in the fryer or frying pan, or bake them in the oven.

Fryer or Frying pan
Preheat the oil to 180°C. Put the contents of the package in the fryer or frying pan. Fry for about 4 minutes. Vegetable vegan nuggets will come out crispy, without absorbing oil.

Preheat the oven to 200°C. Place Vegetable vegan nuggets on a lightly greased baking tray. Bake for 20 minutes or less, depending on your taste.

    Serving suggestion
      Vegetable vegan nuggets offer a quick and tasty dish, which can be accompanied by salad, vegetables, potatoes, pasta or rice and blend perfectly with whatever cheese you prefer.
      A great choice for those who want a low-fat meal or a vegetarian / vegan diet. It's a smart idea for kids, holidays or just if you want to enrich the menu and offer a healthy alternative.
      Vegetable vegan nuggets can be consumed at work or at home, as they are easily warmed up in any toaster.

Nutritional value
        Energy 102 kcal / 431 kj
        Fat 0.9g
        Of which saturated 0.24 g
        Carbohydrates 17.3
        Of which sugars 5.7 g
        Proteins 4.2 g
        Salt 1.8 g

Product Code Weigh /Unit Units / Package Packages / Box Kg / Box Boxes / Palette
HO.RE.CA 0Α0047 ~25 g 60
Units /Package (1.5 Κg)
8 Packages / Box 12 kg 52 Boxes
1.5 kg

Vegetable vegan nuggets are perfect for low-fat vegan diet or if you prefer a new taste. It is a clever and quality solution to persuade children to consume vegetables and fit perfectly for children's celebrations. They enrich the menu and give solutions to restaurants, vegan restaurants, hotels, taverns, grill shops, taverns, etc.