Tasty description
Yuvarlakia, comes from the Turkish word yuvarlak meaning spherical. A Turkish word for a favorite food for young and old, Yuvarlakia Contains 70% lean beef, rice and Mediterranean herbs, fresh mint, dill and parsley for taste and coolness together. It is one of the most beloved dishes of the family. If there is a soup that can make you smile in every spoonful, this is definitely the yuvarlakia.

Product advantages 
The first secret of our special taste is the very good quality and quantity of lean veal we use. Our second secret is the fresh herbs of our country, which together with rice, creates a perfect tasty result.

Price & Quality
An honest product made with the highest standards, high quality raw materials (lean beef), strict controls, great taste with low fat and high nutritional value, at a very competitive price.

Baking / Cooking
Yuvarlakia are made in several ways, egg/lemon (*) soup, without egg or reddish. But the secret is ……..the yuvarlaki itself… and that is what we have to offer.
Heat a large saucepan with water. When the saucepan is boiling, add salt and pepper and place the yuvarlakia one by one. The point is everything to be covered by the water, so top up with hot water if needed. Boil the food for at least 30 minutes, making sure to add water to the pot, depending on how thick-cut you want it. So the basic meal is ready when our yuvarlakia are boiled.
(*) To prepare the egg/lemon, beat the eggs well in the blender. Add the juice of one or two lemons and continue to whisk until a homogeneous mixture thickens. With a tablespoon, take the broth from the pan and mix it in the blender with the egg/lemon. Remove the pot from the heat, pour the egg/lemon in and stir by shaking the pot circularly. Serve hot, adding extra chopped parsley and freshly ground pepper for anyone who wishes.
(*) If you want them reddish, make a tomato soup by adding 1-2 tablespoons tomato paste, or mince 2-3 fresh tomatoes.
(*) You can even make the soup with pink (!) egg/lemon by adding 1 tablespoon of tomato paste to your soup.

Idea!!!! Individualize cooking modes by ... ... season. In the winter cook them with egg/lemon, in summer blush them with large portion of tomatoes. When you make egg/lemon add more water and they become a tasty and warming soup, or just make sure they have a rich thick egg/lemon sauce.

Nutritional value
Energy 174 kcal / 726k j
Fat 0.9 g
Of which saturated 4.8 g
Carbohydrate 8.69 g
Of which Sugars 3.19 g
Proteins 12.8 g
Salt 1.6 g

0Δ0050 25g 12 units/package
10 packages
3kg 99
0Γ0063 25g 40 units/package
6 packages
6kg 99
0Γ0063 25g 60 units/package
8 packages
12kg 52
Product features, excellent Quality/Price ratio, quality and taste, make them ideal for: Hotels, Taverns, Restaurants etc.