Homemade frozen Soutzoukakia

When you think of Soutzoukakia, think their high-quality ingredients: 75% veal, bread, cumin, freshly ground pepper and garlic. A traditional delicacy made after the genuine east recipe, with an aromatic intensity of cumin and other spices. Homemade Soutzoukakia, the traditional scent of the East.

Product advantages
How we made such a great product? Our first secret will be the high quality of the raw material and the quantity of veal we use. Our second secret is fresh Greek spices mixed with the veal to create a product with a great taste.

Price & Quality
A unique product in an unrivalled quality and price relationship. Made from selected raw materials (veal), under strict quality control with the most up-to-date specifications thus retains all its rich flavor. Insisting on an honest relationship with customers, we offer it at a very competitive price.

Grill / Charcoals / Oven
Ready in just a few minutes on the grill, charcoal, or oven. Using a non-stick frying pan and the need for oil or butter is been eliminated.

Grill / Charcoal
Place PARNASSOS Homemade Soutzoukakia into the grill and don't forget to turn each side every 3-4 minutes, all it takes is 10-12 minutes. Same time goes for charcoal, after letting the fire sit down in order to not dry out the product.

Fryer or frying Pan
Preheat the oil to 180°C. Place PARNASSOS Homemade Soutzoukakia into the pan. Fry for about 4 minutes. Our Soutzoukakia will be crisp without absorbing oil.

  • After frying our homemade Soutzoukakia and while is hot, spin them for 10 minutes in a light tomato sauce. They will be flavored and can be served with rice and fresh mint as well as a puree. .
  • Another idea will be to grill Soutzoukakia and serve them with roasted pepper, tomatoes and fried onions
Nutritional value
Energy 238 kcal / 985 kj
Fat 17.3 g
Of which saturated 9.6 g
Carbohydrates 7.1g
Of which sugars 0.9 g
Proteins 12.2 g
SAlt 1.6 g

0Δ0049 ~45g 8 units/package
10 packages
3,5kg 99
0Γ0049 ~45g 23 units/package
6 packages
6kg 99
0Γ0049 ~45g 34 units/package
8 packages
12kg 52
Product features: excellent Quality/Price ratio, fast preparation time, professional packaging. Ideal for: Steakhouses, Taverns, Hotels, Sandwich shops, Taverns etc.