And yet the chickpeas have more than one delicious choices. Fashion? necessity? or it's just… irresistible?. A healthy and nutritious taste of the Middle-East: chickpeas, fresh herbs, coated with white breadcrumbs, gives us unprecedented tasty delights... just perfect.

Product advantages
We use real natural Greek chickpeas and not dehydrated powder mixed. Then we add chopped green onions accompanied by rice and genuine Greek herbs and finally, white breadcrumbs to complement its perfect image and texture with a crunchy cover... So simple but so perfect. Ready in 4-5 minutes in the fryer or for healthy eating, 20 minutes in the oven after lightly oiling it!.

Price & Quality
Made under strict controls and the strictest standards, from real Greek chickpeas, the delicacies of which are well-known, as well as the fact that they are a rich natural source of nutrients that protects humans from many diseases. It is offered at a very competitive price.

Serving suggestion
Our falafel is combined with whatever you desire, just be creative: sauces, mayonnaise, hummus or whatever you like. Office? make it in Arabic bread .......... bon appetit.
What about an Arabian bread stuffed with our falafels and tomatoes?? A hearty meal which does not absorb any oil. Adding some sauce or mayonnaise will give it a ton of flavor more clearly.

Bake / Fryer / Pan
Easy to cook. Just a few minutes in the fryer or the oven is all that it needs. Preheat the oil to 170°C. Fry Falafel for about 4-5 minutes, alternating both sides. Our falafels come out crisp, without absorbing oil. After frying, just serve them.

Preheat the oven to 200°C. Place our falafel on a lightly greased baking tray. Bake for about 20 minutes.

Nutritional value
Energy 142 kcal / 599 kj
Fat 2.4 g
Of which saturated 0.6 g
Carbohydrates 22.1 g
Of which sugars 4.3 g
Edible fibres 5.3 g
Proteins 5.4 g
Salt 1.4 g

0Δ0021 25gr 12 units/package
10 packages
3 kg 99
0Α0049 25gr 60 units/package
4 Packages
6 kg 99
Suitable for nutrition and low-fat diet, it's easy to prepare with a minimal cooking time of 4-5 minutes in the frying pan/fryer, but also can be baked in the oven. A product characterized by its unrivalled Quality/Price ratio, in professional packaging - a great choice for Restaurants, Hotels, Burger shops, Taverns, Steakhouses, Taverns, etc.