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Our story

1987. Andreas Fakos begins production of the poultry roll, stuffed with greek traditional cheese and pieces of bacon and ham. A pioneer product for that time in a market where the plain chicken was the rule. A bold and difficult project. The acceptance was beyond any expectations and in a short time, placement in all major supermarkets was a fact.

1999. The second generation now, his children Constantine, Chrysovalantis and Nikolaos, are also innovating, with the product "handmade Chicken Τenders" made of inner filet, the most tender part of the chicken breast. A real triumph, with its acceptance index to rising vertically every day.

2004. The company grows and relocates to its facilities now in Eleona Thebes.

2007. Fakos brothers, seeing the lack of traditionally prepared red meat, create a new product line, with classic but also more specialized products such as kebab, soutzoukaki, meatballs, juvarlaki (meatballs with rice), all with fresh Greek herbs and spices.

2010. Pioneering once again, they are launching a new line of vegetable-based products such as vegetable burgers and sticks. Such a venture had not been dared by any factory in Greece or Europe. These vegetable products cover the nutritional needs of any consumers that follow a vegetable-based diet. They are probably the only vegetable products in the market that consist solely of whole vegetables.

In the intervening years, the company has grown steadily, enriching its productions with new innovative codes, positioned in new quality markets, but without changing its philosophy of handmade, high-quality products characterized by unrivalled quality and price relationship.

2019. The company unfold its wings by creating a new division of foreign sales, to transfer the Greek mediterranean taste to new foreigner markets.